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December 2018

"For several months my knees have been a problem.  I had sharp, stabbing pain in both knees when I walked.   But friends told me that Lori’s Rossiter techniques had helped them with aches and pains.  I was relieved to hear that there’s a Rossiter stretch to benefit knees—and amazed to find that after the session, the stabbing pain was gone!  That was a week ago, and the pain hasn’t returned.  No pain pills, no surgery, just special stretches.  I’m a fan of Lori and Rossiter!"
Pat, Kodiak

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Lori Siebe,

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February 2018 

" Lori Thank you for the Rossiter Session.  Your knowledge and personal touch sent us on our way with relief from Pain!  We appreciate learning how to combine weight and active stretching to loosen tight tissue that caused years of sciatica pain.  Thank you," 

Sheila and Mark  Kodiak


March, 2015
"Just spent 10 hours on airplanes & 18 hours total traveling with NO BACK PAIN! Thank you Lori - it is the first time I've flown without pain in 2 years. "
Carol, Kodiak
February 14, 2015
  "I've experienced shin and ankle constriction and pain for years - just one session of rossiter made a HUGE difference!!!"
Karen, Kodiak
October 1, 2014

I visited with an old friend in Fairbanks at the end of July and she had hip and low back pain, this is what happened.

"When I visited with lori my lower back was (an now is again cus lori's in Kodiak and I'm not ) she was telling me about this Rossiter thing..... well 1st thing I knew she had me on the floor, foot in hip, had me stretching my leg up, wriggling it down. did it a coupla times and when I got up it was simply amazing! I know if I lived near by I'd be 100% pain free! THANKS lori! thanks a lot!"
Toni Ray-Stevens  
November 26, 2013

Rossiter works! I had tried most everything short of injections and surgery for back pain.
I made an appointment with Lori for a Rossiter treatment with no idea what it was about. I figured I've tried everything else - what could it hurt?
After the first session I experienced some relief immediately - went from 8 or 9 on the pain scale to a 4 or 5. Over the next day the pain diminished to Pain Free - it had been constant for over a year!
My advice - don't wait - try this and be amazed at the relief you find!!
Kim Broersma  

"I had 7 rossiter sessions from Lori in a 2 week period for arthritis in my hips and low back.  Walking seemed normal again and I felt so good that I almost forgot I had arthritis."
J.A. Kodiak, AK

   "I met Lori Siebe at a monthly meeting of LMPs in Bellingham, WA. I was instantly interested in Rossiter as it pertained to facilitated stretching. Being a lazy person I was thinking that it may be something like Thai massage, which I thought would be right up my alley. I am one of those therapists that say “Do as I say, not as I do”. I rarely stretch.
   I am a 56yr old woman. My lower back has been getting so stiff that after sitting, it takes me five to ten steps before I can straighten up. My back hurts and gets stiff after doing deep tissue massages. I was beginning to worry that it was arthritis or worse.
All I can say now is WOW. I want to do this to all of my clients. I was amazed at the results and ecstatic when I realized I didn’t have a more serious problem.
   Immediately after the Rossiter treatment, my pain shifted from my lower back to my upper hips, to my left SI joint. Three hours later, I HAD NO STIFFNESS OR PAIN AT ALL. This lasted four days. On the fourth day I had to do a deep tissue massage. The stiffness returned for about an hour and then I was flexible and pain free once again.
   I am going to need another treatment or two. But I am positive that this will last for longer and longer periods. It has given me confidence to believe I won’t need a doctor’s intervention."
Barbara C Bull, LMP
Mount Vernon, WA

"I went to see Lori in Bellingham on the recommendation of my wife Brenda, who had seen her for a massage. Lori had told Brenda about the Rossiter treatment and suggested it may help me. A little back ground on my situation. I had 4 vertebras fused in my neck,  July 2010. (central canal syndrome)Since then I have lost about 30 percent rotation of my neck and have not seen my shoulders since then. I also have lost upper movement in my midsection and back due to the fact that I cannot look down from the neck and have to lean over all the time to see anything below my field of vision looking straight out.
Without any coaching I can tell you that in the 1st  one hour session of basic Rossiter treatments it has opened up my neck and shoulder rotation to the point where I can turn to the left and right and see my shoulders. The treatment has also opened up my upper and mid back area to which it was very stiff from lack of rotation. I will continue treatment. Thank you,
I can only recommend that anyone with limited movement and or tight muscles should consider looking at the Rossiter program. As I get a better understanding of what it can do, I will pursue more treatments."
Terry C., Bellingham

Kodiak, AK
Ran into a client today. I hadn't seen him since his Rossiter workout for foot pain. "I haven't had any pain since my session". That was 2 months ago, Rossiter Rocks!
Did I mention he only had 1 session.

Kodiak, AK
I did a Rossiter demo stretch with a client 6 months ago for low back/sciatica pain. she felt relief and loosening from the stretch, immediatley.
She called a few days ago to make an appointment for a massage. I need to de stress and by the way, my pain has been gone since you did that demo stretch!"
When she came in for her appointment I asked "how long had you had the sciatic pain?" "Let's see my son is 17 years old, I've had it since he was born." she replied.

Carmichael, CA 2011

I am a 92 year old lady and I have knee joint and back pain.  I feel relief in these areas after a Rossiter session.

Marie C.


Testimonial from Colorado Rossiter Coach:

"I discovered Rossiter after fighting low back pain for four years.  My physical therapist told me I would have to live with it, my chiropractor helped a little, but I was always in pain and could not do things I loved to do.  I was ready to take drastic measures, possibly a shot of cortisone, when I found Rossiter.  In four sessions, I was like a new person. I could not believe how much better I was. Since my passion has always been physical fitness, I decided to become a "Rossiter Coach".   I have since become a Certified Rossiter Coach and helped clients avoid surgery and shots, returned them to work and play without the pain they experienced before.  If you are sick of your pain, if you are an athlete that wants to perform better, if you have something nagging at you that won't go away, you owe it to yourself to check Rossiter out."
Patty Suto,  Certified Rossiter Coach, Ft. Collins CO