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Lori Siebe,

Level 1 Rossiter Instructor

Level 4 Rossiter Coach

AK LMT #101426, AMTA #165904,  BCTMB #411872-00

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February 2018

" Lori Thank you for the Rossiter Session.  Your knowledge and personal touch sent us on our way with relief from Pain!  We appreciate learning how to combine weight and active stretching to loosen tight tissue that caused years of sciatica pain.  Thank you,"

Sheila and Mark  Kodiak

November 26, 2013

Rossiter works! I had tried most everything short of injections and surgery for back pain.
I made an appointment with Lori for a Rossiter treatment with no idea what it was about. I figured I've tried everything else - what could it hurt?
After the first session I experienced some relief immediately - went from 8 or 9 on the pain scale to a 4 or 5. Over the next day the pain diminished to Pain Free - it had been constant for over a year!
My advice - don't wait - try this and be amazed at the relief you find!!
Kim Broersma , Bellingham

Well Being Massage & Rossiter